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Moving Beyond GDP in the Caribbean

Growth in GDP in the Caribbean isn't capturing the full story of natural disasters, climate change, and social disruption—but action is already underway to move beyond GDP.
Insight February 1, 2024

Lessons Learned at COP 28

Two newcomers to climate negotiations reflect on their COP 28 experiences—surprises, insights, and what they'll look for at the next UNFCCC talks.
Insight January 31, 2024

Ending Canada’s Support for Fossil Fuels

Canada has committed to ending subsidies and public financing for fossil fuels at home and abroad and has taken some important steps along the path. Our experts set out the journey so far, and how it can improve.
Insight January 15, 2024

What's Next After COP 28: Food systems

Slated to be a game changer for food systems transformation, COP 28 ended with mixed results. Our expert unpacks the wins and disappointments for food systems and what’s needed next.
Insight December 19, 2023