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After COP 28: What's next for adaptation?

IISD experts Anne Hammill, Angie Dazé, Emilie Beauchamp, Jeffrey Qi, and Alec Crawford take a closer look at what we saw—and did not see—on adaptation at COP 28 in Dubai, and where we go from here.
Explainer January 25, 2024

Unpacking Carbon Capture and Storage: The technology behind the promise

Many fossil fuel-producing countries are placing big bets on carbon capture and storage to cut emissions. This article takes a closer look at the feasibility, costs, and risks associated with carbon capture and storage to shine a light on why it doesn't live up to its reputation as a definitive solution.
Explainer November 28, 2023

Could the Energy Crunch in Bangladesh Have Been Avoided?

As the Bangladesh government implements the highest increase in fuel prices in 20 years and rations power supplies, we ask our energy experts Tara Laan and Shruti Sharma if the crisis could have been avoided and how the energy system can be reformed.
Explainer August 18, 2022

Solutions in Nature: Lessons from Fiji and Timor-Leste

Many countries are already using ecosystem-based adaptation to help build resilience to the impacts of climate change. In order to maximize its uptake and benefits, it is critical to integrate these actions into a country’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process.
Explainer April 22, 2022

What Is the Energy Charter Treaty?

The Energy Charter Treaty is an outdated investment treaty that is threatening to protect fossil fuel investors at the expense of critical climate action.
Explainer April 22, 2022