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Eight Ways Cities Are Building Climate Resilience

This essay looks at eight examples drawn from the Building a Climate-Resilient City research series prepared for the City of Edmonton and the City of Calgary by the Prairie Climate Centre.
Explainer April 10, 2017

A Guide to COP 22

Negotiators gathering from November 7–18, 2016, in Morocco face the monumental task of preparing for the implementation the historic Paris Climate Change Agreement. IISD brings you up to speed on the status of negotiations and the most significant items on the Marrakech Climate Change Conference agenda.
Explainer November 1, 2016

Unpacking Canada's Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Oil, gas and coal are multi-billion-dollar industries, and every year fossil fuel companies get billions in tax breaks and handouts that increase their profits even further. This website was created to cut through the jargon, so you can understand what’s really happening, debate it, and propose solutions for Canadians and Canada’s economy.
Explainer August 30, 2016